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The hardest part about having an only child... is that every first, is also the last.

Actually, I almost just went up and edited that line because I loathe the term "only child".  Maybe it's my own complex (probably is), but it just seems to imply *eye roll* ONLY child.  If you have one child, remember what is was like to have one child, or have been with me EVER... you know this eye roll moment that comes directly after I answer... "When are you going to have ANOTHER child?"....  "Is this your ONLY child?"  and it forces you into an uncomfortable position of defending your family structure... but I digress...

The hardest part about having one wonderful child is everything.   It's hard to look around and not see many families that look like yours.   It's hard to connect with the stresses of other families. It's hard to stay consistent. It's hard to go to the park alone (I don't always fit down the kid slides!)

The hardest part is th…

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