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Pregnant at 33 for the Third Time

Being pregnant as I approach my mid-thirties has been an experience.  I am not sure if it's age, the fact that this is the third go around or that I have two very busy and nosey toddlers but six months pregnant feels a lot more like 50 months pregnant.

The first time around I was 28 and the excitement of having my first was exactly what it should be.  It was all new - the maternity clothes, the doctor's appointments, the shopping and the showers.  This time around:

1.  A very cute, petite and friendly mom approached me at pre-school pick-up.  After introducing myself, Lucy promptly said, "Some moms are really small, but I think I've seen one other mom who is bigger than you Mom."  Only the one?  Thanks girl.

2.  Last week a student stopped the class to say that I had "pen on my leg".  Nope, those are just the varicose veins that third baby has gifted me.  If only a good shower could wash them away...

3.  When people find out this baby is my third they …

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